Caspian Impact Investments ("CII")

Launched in 2013, CII is an Indian multi-sector Social impact debt provider. The mission of CII is to provide debt capital to a wide range of institutions that serve the low income or financially excluded communities, directly or indirectly, in a responsible, transparent and sustainable manner.

CII is managed by Caspian Impact Investment Adviser Private Limited, an Investment Adviser registered with SEBI.

Who does Caspian Impact Investments lend to?

Producer Owned organisations and SMEs that are engaged in agriculture and allied businesses with a focus on responsible and sustainable practices.

Companies providing credit to micro and small business entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and generate employment.

Companies providing housing loans or building quality homes at an affordable price point for the low income and informal sector households who are otherwise excluded by the formal sector.

Companies providing a range of small value financial services such as credit, savings, remittances to those who are otherwise excluded from the formal financial system.